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Mimosa guest room

Its entrance looks onto the terrace. We have completely renovated this bedroom. The theme is, as you would imagine, the mimosa…

So the walls have been roughcast and waxed with warm and refreshing shades of yellow.


Picture of MIMOSA bedroom              Picture of MIMOSA room and his beams              Picture of Mimosa room with bathroom and wc

Two big ancient seasoned beams and a Provençal wardrobe add a wooden touch to the place. For comfort, you will appreciate the large bed, (200cm x 160cm), the fridge and TV set...


Picture of MIMOSA bathroom               Picture of MIMOSA shower


The toilets, as is proper, are separated from the bathroom. A very nice bathroom. You can also easily envisage adding an extra bed in the bedroom with its 18 square metres (nearly 200 square feet)!


 Picture of MIMOSA private terrace

It has a shaded private terrace, with table and chairs.


Picture showing the Mimosa bedroom inside.